Hello Dear Reader Friends.

As you know from a post last month, I’ve completed and am ready to share my latest book.  I’ve sent out my first batch of query letters to agents I love and the responses are starting to trickle in, all three rejections.  A very nice rejection, a form rejection, and a one liner.  Luckily (maybe), I’m immune to rejection.  Years of theatre will do that to you.  We get told ‘no’ on a daily basis, in varying brutal ways.

I knew this wasn’t going to be easy.  A book birthed out of the sudden death of a bestfriendparentbrother was doomed to be fucked up.  The style is not my usual, straight-forward romp, but I couldn’t help it.  The book wrote itself in a shockingly short amount of time.  I just went where it took me and so far so good.  I make everyone cry with it which is a weirdly god-like power, or at least I think so.  Now I just have to capture that elusive Agent Pokemon.  It should be noted I am the absolute worst at self promotion.  Crafting those letters is almost physically painful.  Yes, I know.  This is a subjective business.  Lots of people get rejections.  Most people won’t make it.  You can always self publish.  Yadda, yadda.

Moments like these make me lament my lack of normalcy and wish I could be happy writing romance novels for about a day before I remembered MIDNIGHT SHOW!  BOURNE! And let Jeremy Renner cure my ills.  Now I’m all better.  So here I am, back at square one, preparing to write yet another winding love story that will make the majority of people scratch their heads, I’m sure.

Should I try to ease people into my weirdness?  A gander at the tiny notebook that holds stray plot lines and future project ideas reveals pages and pages that are all skipping off into the badlands.  Coming Soon: schizophrenia, Stockholm Syndrome, and a graphic novel about Death who falls in love with a little girl.  What has happened to my brain?  Remember that Post-Apocalyptic YA I wrote (just like everyone else) that I shelved (and should probably get back to) until I could polish and make it stand out?  Only one person (that you care about) dies in that one.  Now my mind is full of monsters that eat babies and onanistic blood baths inside of stone people.  I blame video games.  Or Obama, maybe.  Wait, who are we fingering this week?

Anybody know an agent who actually wants weird stuff?  They all say they enjoy dark and strange but I need them to seriously want dark and strange.  Are you playing the agent game or are you a fan of the self publishing world?

4 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. Self-publishing all the way! With all of the tools at an author’s disposal these days, I really think self-publishing is the way of the future. Good luck on getting your book published. 🙂

  2. One word of advise..don’t use Xilibris if you self publish. Always check BBB on every self publisher to see if theyre any good. Some of them can scam you. Good luck and don’t give up.

  3. Okay, here it is. For writers, and I count myself in that group, the double-edged sword is that we ARE strange, kinky, weird, pick-your-odd-descriptor. We NEED to write about as much as we need to breathe….and, sadly, we also need the validation of a reader. Otherwise, what separates us from just talking to ourselves? Other than typos.
    Writing is cathartic, uplifting, inspirational, yadda yadda yadda….sure. But even if it were none of those things, we would still become obsessed until we got every word wrenched out of our psyche and onto some medium….and then, HEY! Someone! LOOK at this! Tell me what you think? Do you GET me? Did I GET to YOU? Complete this circle jerk I’m caught in and participate in the exposure of this piece of me that I’ve birthed for the whole world to adore/step on.
    However, getting an agent to represent you in what is a continually shrinking marketplace is a serious trick. And so dependent on whim, timing, luck, and whether or not they digest that burrito they had for lunch. It is one of those things that seems UNFAIR. You pour yourself into this creation and finally feel like you just might have something here….and then trying to roll the dice in the literary representation world is akin to winning the lottery, or so it seems/feels like. Sucks to be us. But who else could we be, really? So, therein lies the cutting edge of the sword.
    It was suggested to me that it is a good better-your-odds move to get yourself published with some short pieces….anywhere…..first. That way, when you query you can reference yourself as previously published and that apparently get’s their attention,,,,,even if it WAS a back page piece in the John Deere Newsletter. I can see the merit. I can’t swear it will work. But, hey, it’s still writing. It’s still movement forward perhaps. And who knows? I know that tons of authors have talked about high numbers of rejections before they hit the proverbial BINGO and became the rich/famous/celebrity writers they are…..but, hell, it still feels like a crapshoot in the love/hate game of putting another postmark on a submission.
    Don’t give up. Buy a lottery ticket. It’s like my dad used to say: You can’t lose if you don’t play…..of course, you can’t win either.

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