Writing Contests

Apparently it’s contest season because every which way I turn on the inter-webs, I see one ad or another. Granted, most of them are coming from Writers Digest but still!  More than a dozen options.  In case you’re interested in distracting yourself in a somewhat useful (perhaps monetarily useful) way then read on.

The first (and quite possibly my favorite) is the microstyle writing contest.  The Gotham writing workshop challenges you to write a sentence with double meaning in twenty words or less.  Prizes include a workshop, a book, a Barnes & Noble gift card, a free magazine subscription.  You have till September 15 and are limited to one entry. 

In the mother-load of writing contests, Writers Digest has a plethora of options covering every genre: sci-fi, thriller, young adult, romance, screen writing, self published and on and on and on.  The prizes are varied from publication to meetings with agents to $3000 buck-a-roos.  Some deadlines are the end of this month, some not till December.  It’s worth a look, writer friends.

For my multi-talented folks, Hint Fiction has a short film contest.  All you have to do is make a one minute movie based on a short story by Hemingway, Edith Pilaf, or Eric Hsu.  Sign up by August 15th to be assigned a story.

Let me know if any of you actually enter! Feel free to practice on Monday’s Picture Story.


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