Tell me a story (3)…

Picture stories are probably the only thing I look forward to on Mondays. 

No new guidelines.  Just look at the picture and write whatever comes to mind.  We’ve had poems, first person rants, one-liners….make it as long or as short as you’d like.  In a few weeks we’re going to change it up a bit so enjoy your freedom while you can!  Check out last week’s if you haven’t already.

Think you have a photo that would make a good story?  Show me:  Don’t worry, you’ll get credit and a link to your website and/or blog.

8 thoughts on “Tell me a story (3)…

  1. I probably should have known that someone who killed two girls with a pair of craft scissors wouldn’t provide me with the proper tools necessary to dispose of the bodies… but seriously, a lousy wheelbarrow? At least he is paying me well enough to buy this new suit!

  2. Darius Henry Bunkle-Thistle III took his job very seriously. Other farmers took no pride in their appearance, or rather they were proud of their dirty coveralls. Not Mr. Bunkle-Thistle. Mr. Bunkle-Thistle agonized over his loafers, leather or suede or exotic animal skins. He tied his ties according to harvest, preferring full windsor for vegetables, half windsor for grains, and a bow-tie for fruits. He would swaddle newborn animals in the silk lining of his Italian wool jacket and only wore his three-piece suit while riding the tractor. His belt and shoes always matched and he shined 37 separate pairs of cufflinks every night. His dry cleaning bill accounted for nearly half of his monthly expenditures but he could march proudly through his fields. Darius Henry Bunkle-Thistle III was a gentleman farmer.

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  4. Clancy whistled a delightful tune as he took the remains to a nearby pit. He was indeed Clancy now. This body would be different; he would not mess this one up. The new Clancy chuckled at the thought of his last pick-a migrant worker. Why did he think that would have been a good choice for possession? When he saw Clancy he knew he had to switch again. It’s a shame he had to clean up his last mess in such a nice suit, though.

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