Tell me a story (2)…

Bad news: It’s Monday.

Good news:  IT’S STORY TIME!

I’ve chosen a much more neutral image since last week’s was a bit harsh for many.  It’s pretty vague so I’m interested to see what you all came up with.  No rules, write whatever comes to you.  Feel free to compliment on other stories by hitting “reply” to the comments!

Think you have a photo that would make a good picture story?  Email me:

9 thoughts on “Tell me a story (2)…

  1. “Goddam bears!”

    As I ran, gesticulating wildly, those monstrous ursids were closing in. My one, last hope was to jump the gorge. Drawing on the last reserves of my energy, I braced myself for the leap. Their rancid breath stank of salmon and the dying hopes and dreams of my two comrades. It was hot on my neck as I took off!

    Nowhere to go but down…

  2. Woosh! Whiz! Wapow! The Yet Man was getting used to his newfound powers only days after the insidious radioactive Moose bite. Now if only he could find a suit…

  3. It was a cosmic accident of almost impossible odds. Just as he lept into the warp sent by central control to make the time/space continuum jump out of this time and place, the wave form of the surface of the creek over which the warp appeared took on a pitch that was an almost exactly complementary harmonic to the out fringes of the warp. The resonance of the warp finished the job of nature and created an exactly complementary harmonic. The resulting stasis froze him in time and space. The next person to come to this place, in forty years, will remark, “What the hell is that?”

  4. This is where everything went to shit. The adrenaline pushed the testosterone out of his brain, and Mikey realized that while leaping a gorge may seem impressive, it was unlikely to make the object (or objects really, considering he was a teenage boy and breasts were breasts) notice him. He was committed now, though. No turning back. A loud thud and crack ensued. Do girls think casts are sexy?

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